Please read a bit of what I have written over the years. Some of the poems below are quite old and might not reflect where I am now. However, they are a part of me in that they are representative of a time in my life.

Over recent years, my writing activities have expanded to include commissions of personalised sentiments for memoriams and special occasions.

Unfortunately, most of these occasions have been sad ones and I would take this opportunity to say that I accept commissions for happy occasions too!

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Remembering Childhood

Dearest siblings

You are special

You were my role models

When our parents were away

Or buried in work


You would take me to Dollymount Strand

Hitched to the back of a bike

And bury me alive up to my neck in sand

And our voices would ring out in true laughter


You dear sister

Took me to Lourdes

When you were fifteen and I was eight

All on your own you cared for me

During that beautiful miraculous week


You dear brother

Played war games with me

Hit me in the eye with a pea

So I could only see Santa through my tears


These are but a few

Of the things which

You as a pair did

To make our childhood

Mean something

Even though we didn’t have money

We still found time to make

Our lives as threesome

All the more special

We had no iPods

No video games

Don’t see our childhood

As one of shame

See it as one

Where we try to light up

Each other’s lives

Through our own entertainment


That is why it is an honour

And a privilege to call you mine


You could have shunned me


But you hugged me


That is why I say

That as our lives

Go on

Let us not part

But make a new start

To embrace each other

With love


Don’t choose to feel bad

But be glad for what we had together

On our own as a threesome

I ask you now sadly

To please stay supporting me

As you did in those early days


I ask not for great deeds

But in small ways we can support one another

As two sisters and one brother


Let us care one another in positivity

As we three go on in life


Thank you for being you in me



© 10 July 2009 Mary Collins

I am Water

I am water.


People can see their reflections in me.


Sometimes they throw stones into me just to see how I will ripple.


I am water that joins the never ending stream.


I am water that people look in and dream.


There is a bench near by where I pass, and I often see couples beginning their courtship, or proposing to one another, or just enjoying the sound that I am making.


Because I am water I do not break, and unlike other living things, I do not die.


I keep on living.


People wonder where I lead with the mixture of me and oxygen-I make people breathe.


I am water that does not cease.


Even when there’s an object like a log in front of me.


I just go over effortlessly.


I am water where fish can swim.


In the end I am water where life begins.


© Mary Collins 15-05-2007

The Album

As you start your walk down life’s highway together

Starting today

Remember to take pictures of your life together

So that when times get bad

You can look back on them

And laugh

© Mary Collins

The fighter

You fought for me when I was a babe

Asking what where my chances

Never taking no for an answer

You fought on when I was four or five

To have my intelligence to be


You must have sat back in

Quiet victory

Confident in your ability to see

Hope where others couldn’t

But you did not rest

You push me on through primary

And after secondary school.

I didn’t realize why you pushing me

But now I know 20 years late

you where trying to help me

Reach my potential .

Thank you Dad

Thank you father for being in my corner

Now I will be what you were for me

Fighter to help you get everything you need

To help you  achieve what  you want to achieve.

© Mary Collins

Why would I pretend

I had everything to lose and nothing to gain by pretending to be In pain!

In May 97. I was in heaven when I travelled to London to see my baby twin nephews christened. I went on my own with only one personal assistant. I used a normal bed to place my head!

I had everything to lose and nothing to gain by pretending to be in pain!!

In Aug 96. I took a trip with Mom to the U.S.A. First to visit my aunt in New York then to a family wedding

I had everything to lose and nothing to gain by pretending to be in pain.

© Mary Collins

The Circle

It’s strange the way life goes

At a funeral I said hello to a baby of a friend,

and was struck by how life goes in a circle that only God knows

As the heirs pulled off I realised how every second of every day

somebody must die, so that a precious life can start its journey.

It’s true that we are born to die

But it’s what we do between drawing our first and last breath that matters

Life is just one big circle with no middle and no end

Message I get from this is what one does with their life can really affect others, so we must use our

time on this earth for good, and not for bad,

as much as we can, because sooner or later we must draw our last, so

that somebody else can draw their first breath

© Mary Collins